April 2017 Release Notes

The OT&E and Production environments are due to be updated with new features. Please see the list of improvements and added functionality below:

Update Token Minimum Number of Years
Affected Users Registrar Portal and EPP Users
Service Affected Tokens
Details An update has been made to Allocation Token functionality. With this update, the Registry can associate a minimum number of years value to an Allocation Token. Any domain that is registered with an Allocation Token that has a minimum number of years value assigned to it will be required to have a registration period equal to or greater than the specified minimum number of years on the Allocation Token.

For example: If the Registry provides a Registrar with an Allocation Token for a domain regsitration, with a minimum number of years equal to 4 associated to it, the Registrar will only be able to create a domain that has a minimum registration period of 4 years.

Scheduled Maintenance
These updates/changes will take effect during the Scheduled Maintenance as set forth below.
Environment: OT&E
Date: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
Maintenance Window: 21:00h - 22:30h UTC
Expected Duration: 90 minutes
Environment: Production
Date: Monday, April 10th, 2017
Maintenance Window: 21:00h - 22:30h UTC
Expected Duration: 90 minutes

We anticipate the maintenance to take 90 minutes with intermittent outages of the SRS and web portals during that time. All other registry services will continue to function normally. We aim to finish at the expected time but will notify you if there is any significant delay.

Notification emails will be sent when we start and complete the maintenance on our Production environment. These notifications will be addressed to your Admin and Tech notification contacts created on your Production account.

Feel free to contact Technical Support with any questions or concerns you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind Regards,

Technical Support Team
One Clarendon Row, Dublin 2, Ireland
Germany:  0049 8007 238444
UK:  0800 0124516
USA:  001 888 683 6564
Others:  00353 1 901 2198
Fax:  00353 1 901 21999
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