July Release Notes SRS Registry User Guide

Dear Registrar,

The OT&E and Production environments have been updated with new features. This is the list of new functionalities:

Language for Collision List Names

The WHOIS search response for domain names on ICANN’s Collision lists will now return an explanatory message on queries for names that are on ICANN collision list. The Whois response will indicate that the domain searched is part of a collision list published by ICANN.


[1] When a name is on the Collision List and registered but not allocated, the Whois will display a message above the registration data stating:

“This domain is part of a collision list published by ICANN. For that reason, a ‘serverHold’ flag MUST remain on this domain until advised by ICANN that it may be delegated to the zone. For more information: http:// www.icann.org/en/help/name-collision


[2] For all names on the Collision List that are not registered, a Whois query should return:


“This domain is part of a collision list published by ICANN and is unavailable for registration until ICANN removes it from the list. For more information: http:// www.icann.org/en/help/name-collision”

Change of Cover Poll messages

A Registrar that registers a DPML block will now receive additional Poll messages when any change in coverage occurs for their DPML block. The Poll message will indicate the DPML label and whether a name has been blocked or unblocked for a specific TLD. Additional Poll messages for DPML include:

  • UNBLOCKED when a Sunrise registration has occurred
  • UNBLOCKED when a DPML Override has occurred
  • UNBLOCKED when a label is changed from a standard priced name to a Premium Category
  • UNBLOCKED when a new TLD is added and the label in that TLD is premium
  • BLOCKED when the Registry moves a premium name from a premium category to the standard price in a TLD
  • BLOCKED when a previously registered domain name has expired, if standard priced
  • BLOCKED when a new TLD is added and the label is standard priced


Revised password policy

The SRS will now remember the previous 5 passwords used by a Registrar user.

When a password expires after the mandatory 90 days period, users will be unable to reuse any of their previous 5 passwords for the SRS. When the current password expires or users wish to change the password, users will have to change the password to a new password which is not one of the previous five password used in the past.


Manual Override for “Contains – Trademark” names

The DPML Manual Override for “Contains – Trademark” feature allows Registry Admin Users to manually override a DPML block for a “contains” DPML block. Validation is done manually by the Registry administrator If a Registrar wishes to override a DPML block for a “contains” DPML block, they will have send the request via email to their account manager along with the SMD file that was used during the initial DPML block registration.

When a Registrar attempts to unblock and create a name on behalf of a DPML holder for a “contains” DPML via the web portal, a message will appear

If the registrant is the holder of a DPML block that contains their trademark, please contact support@donuts.co for manual verification and registration.”

Add Policy role column to users, to show their policy group

The Registrar user lists now contains an additional column which displays the assigned user policy group (privileges) and the lists of users, which can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Captcha processing on all web applications

A Captcha has been added to the “Password Recovery” pages.










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