Q. What are your connection policies to the registry system?

A. See the “Donuts Registry Guide” for connection policy details.

Q. How many connections will be allowed to the registry?

A.  40 parallel connections for access to all TLDs available on the SRS.

Q. What is the maximum number of subnets?

A. 5

Q. What is the maximum number of IP Addresses between two subnets?

A. Maximum 32 IP addresses per subnet.

Q. What is the Subnet Format (CIDR):

A. /27

Q. Are there any restrictions on the volume of commands allowed during a session?

A. No, but we reserve the right to throttle traffic.  The terms and conditions prohibit a registrar from degrading services for others.

Q. Is the idle period for a connection before it is automatically closed by the registry not less than 10 minutes?

A. Please see the Donuts Registry Guide for details.

Q. Is the absolute timeout for a registry connection 24 hours?

A. Please see the Donuts Registry Guide for details.

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