Access to Reports and Report types

Q. Do you provide financial reports (invoice, detailed invoice and statement) as a PDF file?

A. Yes, Donuts will send invoices and statements at least once a month with deposit account, order activity, and balance due information.

 Q. Can the reports be accessed by (s)FTP or as web-based download?

A. Reports can be accessed via the web portal.

 Q. How can we receive the registry zone file (FTP, web-based download)?

A. The registry zone file will be available through the ICANN required interface.

 Q. What reports will you have?













 Finance (monthly)




 Q. How frequent will they be?

A. Daily, weekly and monthly reports will be posted for download.

 Q. What fields are included in the Registry standard reporting?

A. Similar to the Verisign .com reports: Record ID, Date, Transaction ID, Action, Registrar, Domain ID, TLD, Registry Operator, Domain Name, and all of the fields that ICANN requires in Specification 3 Format and Content for Registry Operator Monthly Reporting, including Add, Delete, Transfer, Registration, and  Expiration.

 Q. Do you have drop lists?

A. We will not publish a drop list immediately; we may publish a list before the end of the first year of registrations.

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