IDN Information

Q. Are second-level IDNs supported?

A. Yes.

Q. What languages do you support for IDNs?

A. English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese in all TLDs.

Q. What scripts (character sets) do you support for IDNs?

A. * Chinese (tag: zh)
* German (tag: de)
* French (tag: fr)
* Spanish (tag: es)

Donuts may add more IDN scripts if there is demand in the market.

Q. Do you have tables with graphically similar versions?

A. Donuts’ language tables will be on repository with IANA once the TLD launches.  For reference now, see the attached language tables.

Q. Do you have any restrictions for IDN domains that differ from an ASCII registration?

A. Donuts IDN policy matches those detailed in the RFCs for IDNs.

Q. Will the life cycle of an IDN domain differ?

A. No.

Q. Could you provide the table?

A. See attached.

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