Passing the Technical Certification


Q: Do we need to  do something special before we start the certification? Or can we do this anytime we want?

A: Please proceed with testing any time it suits you. 

Q: Do we need to do all the  step (stay connected 24 hours, Basic test and Full Suite test) in one time? Or can we do separately the connectivity test and the others?

A: You can do those separately.

Q: About the Connectivity test: we need to keep open an EPP connection for 24 hours and submit a log file which proves that. What kind of log do you expect? Only the EPP request and response?
A: The idle time out for EPP connection is set to 10 min. To keep connection alive an EPP hello command needs to be executed every 8-9 min. A log that shows this activity with time stamps would be sufficient.

Q: Finally, we have to give our PGP key. Can you explain exactly what is it?
A: Please visit for more information about PGP.  It is only required if you wish to have your password communicated to you through secure email.

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