Check commands during Sunrise

Q1. Can we use check command in Sunrise period?

 Yes you can use the check command in sunrise  period.


Q2. If so, What kind of information will you return for Sunrise check command ?

When a check command is submitted while the TLD is in sunrise , the result should be available when you have the subscription for the particular tld you are checking.  

When a check command is submitted while the TLD is in sunrise while you have no subscription, the result will be Not available Unauthorized TLD.

When a check command is submitted while the TLD is in sunrise while you have subscription and the domain name is reserved the result will be Not available, Reserved Domain Name.

To get the available result , you will need to have TLD subscribed on your account. To check the TLD subscription;

1.     Login to the registrar portal

2.     Go to the registrar section

3.     view subscription subsection


Q3. Can we use this below check 

command menu for all your launching phases (Sunrise, Eap and GA registration)?

 Yes you  can use the same check command for all our phases (Sunrise, EAP and GA registration)

In EAP and GR phases, the result will be Available and Not Available if the domain name checked is registered, and Not available, Reserved Domain Name for reserved domain name .


Q4. Is there some documents that explain your error codes for our reference? 

The registry used industry standard EPP command. the command code can be found on the EPP RFC  document  ( our registry SRS add a reason information for registrars.

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