List of premium names / name ratings / non-standard price

Each week Registrar Account managers email the list of premium names for TLDs going into sunrise. In addition, the "Price Category Domains" report can be downloaded from the Web Portal

Path: Common Report>2014>Daily

From the Reports Tab, select 'View Common Reports'. 
Under 'View Common Reports', select '2015', 'daily' and then 'price-category-domains'.
This view will supply you with a list of .csv files containing a list of all premium names associated with a particular TLD.
To view a list of premium names for all TLDs select the file named 'price-category-domains.csv.gz'.

It shows all of the names in the SRS that are premium. The SRS is always authoritative, the lists we send to registrars are a courtesy. The SRS should be relied upon for accuracy.

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