Offering of NXD names during Sunrise - Change April 21 2014

Dear Registrar,


On April 21, to accommodate names subject to ICANN's Name Collision block list (NXD names), Donuts modified the way we handle Sunrise applications for NXD names.


Previously we accepted applications for NXD names during Sunrise only.  Following Sunrise, and upon allocation of the TLD, NXD names which have been applied for during Sunrise are set to "server hold" to prevent the name from resolving, as required by ICANN.  The registration period for those NXD names begins at the TLD's allocation.  


Starting April 21, we instead process NXD names as follows: 


1. Applications for NXD names will continue to be accepted during Sunrise only. The Sunrise application fee will still be taken upon Sunrise application and is not affected by the new process.

2. After the close of Sunrise, and before we allocate the TLD, we will reserve all names on the Name Collision block list including any that have been applied for during Sunrise.  

3. Registrars would need to login to their registrar portal to view these pending Sunrise applications as there will be no Whois record until the NXD name is activated.

4. Once the Controlled Interruption period ends (mid-January), we will un-reserve the NXD names. Registrars will be given notice before the names are un-reserved.

5. At that point, those applied for during Sunrise will become active domain registrations and enter the zone for the first time. 

6. The domain registration fee will be taken when this reserved status is removed. 

7. As a result, the domain's registration period will not begin until this point, when the registrant can actively use the domain.

In other words, if a sunrise application was accepted for a name on the name collision block list, the name was "allocated" to the applicant. It will become an active domain registration when the mandatory 90 day controlled interruption period ends in mid-January.


For example:

  • is an NXD name applied for during Sunrise on April 3, and the Sunrise application fee is taken
  • .holiday Sunrise closes on April 5
  • is set to "reserved" status on April 7
  • .holiday is allocated on April 8
  • does not become a registration because it is reserved
  • GA for .holiday starts April 9
  • is released by ICANN on January 15, so Donuts un-reserves the name
  • becomes a domain registration, enters the zone, and starts its registration period on January 15
  • The registration fee for is taken on January 15


From November 29:

This email is to advise that Donuts will accept, in all TLDs,  Sunrise applications for domain names currently blocked by ICANN due to non-existing domain name ("NxD") collision concerns. These NxD names currently show as Registry Reserved in the Donuts SRS.  Our plan is to move these names from Registry Reserved status to available status between now and Dec 2nd (which is the day before our second Sunrise round commences).  As with other domain names applied for during Sunrise, NxD blocked domain names will be allocated to qualified Sunrise applicants at the end of Sunrise. However, Donuts will not activate (place into zone files) these names until it receives ICANN approval to do so.  Donuts cannot be held responsible for ICANN delays or refusal to approve the activation of any NxD blocked domain names.     

This notice relates to Sunrise only.  We do not intend to make NxD blocked names available during General Availability (GA) until ICANN approves such names for registration.  For a complete list of the second-level domains subject to ICANN's NxD block, please see:

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