SRS Deployment update March 3 2014


The following features were updated in the SRS on Monday March 3, 2014:

Registrar web portal

Reports section 

●     Daily report of Sunrise Applications. This report will include the application date, domain name, status, Application ID, ROID and Application Fee.

●     All reports older than 90 days will be deleted.

●     The Financial Statement report text has been modified 


User Enhancements: 

●     To avoid the risk of duplicate submissions, for example, sunrise applications, response messages are now shown at the top of the web page. Additionally, after clicking Submit the button becomes inactive and the text read “Please wait”.



As part of today’s registry updates, we have made some changes to the whois rate limiting and would like to clarify its behavior.

WHOIS queries on port 43 are limited to 10 queries per second per IP address. Functionally this means more than 10 connections to port 43 per second will result in that IP address being blocked for 5 minutes.   

WHOIS queries on port 80 are similarly limited. The actual number of connections is higher to allow for web browsers that initiate multiple connections for elements on a page. IP addresses that exceed the limit on port 80 will receive a message indicating that they have been blocked.  

From a practical perspective, testing has shown that it is very difficult to trigger the rate limits on Port 80 without automation.

Rate limiting is managed separately for Port 43 and Port 80.

The whois response to DPML queries has been updated to differ from the Domain response. The response for a DPML block displays “DPML Block Holder” instead of “Registrant Information”, and the Domain Status is not shown.


●     A new EPP command for balance check. Please find attached an XML command example and its schema. Please also note that balance updates are not immediate; there will be a small delay until the balance adjustment occurs at the registry database.

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    Elaine Pruis

    The financial reports (invoices and statements) will be kept for 5 years.

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