Daily Reserve and Premium Lists downloadable and FTP

There are four sources of information:

1. Lists sent to Registrars two weeks before Sunrise opens,

2. Daily reports of Premium names at the web portal,

3. Daily reports of  Reserved names at the web portal,

4. Domain Check command.

The Domain Check command result is authoritative. The lists are a courtesy; whatever you get back in a check command is what is in the database at that time.

1.Via Email: Lists sent 2 weeks before Sunrise are comprised of premium names, sunrise reserved names, globally reserved names (ICANN and Donuts use). The contents of each list are explained in detail in the email.

2. At Web Portal>Reports>View Common Reports>2019>Daily>Price-Category-Domains are daily snapshots of all premium priced names in the database at the time of the report creation. These are published daily because as TLDs are added to the SRS, the premium lists grow. Premium names are not added to a TLD once the lists are sent to the registrars, per the RRA.

3. At Web Portal>Reports>View Common Reports>2019>Daily>Reserved-Domains. Each week the reserved lists for the TLDs that are going into SR are uploaded to the SRS. Names can be reserved for many reasons--special requests from registrars, premium sales to buyers, etc. so these DAILY lists should not be relied upon for an up-to-the-minute reflection of what is reserved in the SRS. 

4. Domain Check command is authoritative. Unless required to be reserved by ICANN, if we forgot to reserve a name, and you are able to register it, it is yours. If we notice we've made a mistake with reserved names, we will fix it, so the daily reserved lists are not 100% up to date all the time. If we intended the price to be $75 but check command says it is $15, it is yours at $15. We do not change the price of a domain once it is set in the SRS, without 30 days warning to registrars if the price drops, and 6 months if the price will increase.

See attached instructions for the FTP download of reports.

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