Restore Grace Period Reports Required (rgp:request rgp:report)

Q, Do you expect a rgp:report after a rgp:request was sent?

A: Yes we do expect a <rgp:report> after a <rgp:request>.The term "optional" in the registry documentation refers to the fact that <rgp:report> tag is an optional XML tag when submitting the restore request. However the registry expects a report pending a successful domain restore request.

The rgp:request and rgp:report functions can also be submitted via the registrar portal under the "Domains" tab.

According to ICANN consensus policy, failure to submit a RGP Report starts the Restore Grace Period over again, but the Registrar LOSES the initial Restore Fee charged.  If a new Restore Request is sent, another Restore Fee will be charged.

 1) For "Pre Data" and "Post Data" you don't have to include full WHOIS output, following would be sufficient: 

Domain Name:  Date: Creation Date: Registry Expiry Date: Domain Status: 
For those fields the system doesn't validate the data. 1024 is maximum number of characters that can be submitted via registrar portal or EPP.

2) For "reason for restore" you can enter any statement that explains the reason for restore, ie ;

Other, Registrant Error , Registrar Error3, Judicial/Arbitration/Legal

3) Statement 1 & 2, can be a free formulation text.

ie  This registrar has not restored the Registered Name in order to assume the rights to use or sell the Registered Name for itself or for any third party.- The information in this report is true to best of this registrar's knowledge, and this registrar acknowledges that intentionally supplying false information in this report shall constitute an incurable material breach of the Registry-Registrar Agreement.-

Please note that for all the fields mentioned above there are no strict rules what exact text should be used. Each field should contain relevant information for the reason to restore in any format you like.There is no specific information required by the registry in these fields. 



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