Second Level Early Access Program (2nd level EAP)

Second Level Early Access Program Overview

Donuts Inc. (“Donuts”) is pleased to announce the approaching availability of more than one million second-level names across our top-level domains.  These names include two-character labels (including ccTLD combinations) and names previously reserved as part of ICANN's "controlled interruption" program, meant to address the name collision issue.  The release of these names will begin on June 10, 2015 and will be staggered in batches.  Each name will be subject to our Early Access Program; we therefore are referring to this release as "Second Level EAP." 


The charge extension will be required to complete registration of second-level names on the EAP list. Mechanics for the registration of domains subject to Second Level EAP will be identical to the mechanics for registering domains for a TLD in the regular EAP phase.  No changes to the EPP Charge extension behavior will be required. See attached Charge extension.


A comprehensive schedule is attached.  Please note second-level names will be reserved until their release times and dates -- if you send a check command before the appropriate release time and date you will receive an "unavailable" reply.
Each EAP period will commence at 16:00 UTC and will follow the traditional EAP fee schedule.  In this release, only these previously reserved names will be subject to EAP; the rest of available names in each TLD continue to be available with no extra EAP fee. 

EAP registrations are offered on a first-come, first served, non-restricted basis. Not all domain name registrars offer EAP. Registrars must contract with Donuts to offer the EAP service to their customers.

EAP Fees

The cost of domain name registrations during the EAP is equal to the registration fee plus the Early Access Fee (listed below). Note that registration fees may be premium price or standard price. If the domain is deleted during the add grace period (described by ICANN at, the Early Access Fee will not be refunded. EAP Fees will have a specific designator in the transaction logs (i.e. “EAP”). Payment of EAP fees can only be made through approved registrars. Donuts is not responsible for any failure on the part of a registrar in this respect, including where such failure results in failure to register a domain name.

See attached Early Access Program Registrar Integration Guide for technical integration information.


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