August Release Notes: TOKENS and SSL Handling

The Production environment will be updated with these new features. Please see the list of improvements and added functionality below.

Registrar web portal 
Allocation Tokens
New allocation tokens have been introduced to allow registrars to override reserved names themselves. In the event that a token is required for a registrar to un-reserve a domain name, the token will be supplied by the registry. 
The web portal will have a new ‘View Token’ page to allow registrars to view the active tokens allocated to them and the domains associated with the token.
When creating a domain, the registrar now has the option of including the token information. This will allow a registrar to override the reserved status of the domain they are creating.
The check command has been improved to allow a registrar to include the token information as part of their check command.

Return price information on registered premium domain name
The check command has been updated to return price information for registered premium names to registrars who are subscribed to price categories.Previously, a check command would not return price information for a registered premium name. Now the registrar will be able to obtain price information from a check command whether the name is available or registered. This check command functions the same as before and will not require an additional charge extension.

Support contact server statuses
The registry now supports serverUpdateProhibited and serverDeleteProhibited on contact objects. Registrars will not be able to add or remove these statuses to or from contact objects, however, the serverUpdateProhibited and serverDeleteProhibitedwill be returned when the registrar submits an EPP contact info command, if the statuses are present on the contact object.


Allocation Tokens
Create and check commands now support an optional allocation token extension.
Registrars who wish to create and override a reserved name can use the allocation token extension to do so.
This same extension can be used in a check command to return information about a domain and the allocation token.

EPP example:

Poll message update: Include current balance in balance alerts
The balance alert poll message <msg> tag has been updated to include a registrar’s current balance.
Example: The Registry low balance alert poll message should include the Registrar's remaining balance.

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <epp xmlns="urn:ietf:paramxml:nepp-1.0">
    <result code="1301">
    <msg>Command completed successfully; ack to dequeue</msg>
    <msgQ count="4" id="12346">
     <msg>Registry Balance Alert!  Current Balance: 1035.28</msg>

Poll message update: Additional information now included with Sunrise applications
We have included additional information contained in an infData tag in sunrise application poll messages that include one of the following statuses: ‘Validated’, ‘Invalid’, ‘PendingValidation’ and ‘PendingAllocation’.

The infData will provide a registrar with additional information about the domain they have applied for. An example poll message response for ‘pendingValidation’ is set out below.

    <result code="1301">
     <msg>Command completed successfully; ack to dequeue</msg>
    <msgQ count="1" id="e25a8a82ef754223b6fe5bb48ee45860">
     <msg>Application created. Status pendingValidation</msg>
     <domain:infData xmlns:domain="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:domain-1.0">
       <domain:status s="pendingCreate" />
       <domain:status s="serverDeleteProhibited" />
       <domain:status s="serverRenewProhibited" />
       <domain:status s="serverTransferProhibited" />
       <domain:contact type="tech">sh1891</domain:contact>
       <domain:contact type="admin">sh1891</domain:contact>
     <launch:infData xmlns:launch="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:launch-1.0">
       <launch:phase name="manual">custom</launch:phase>
       <launch:status s="pendingValidation" />

Changes to production EPP server SSL handling
During a previous maintenance window some minor changes to the way our EPP servers handle SSL were implemented on the OT&E environment. Since March 12th it has been necessary to provide the entire certificate chain down to (but not including) the root certificate.
This change to SSL handling will be deployed to our production environment on Monday, August 31st. Please test and ensure that you can successfully connect to the OT&E environment before the change is applied to the production environment. Testing this feature in OT&E is imperative to ensure that you do not experience any interruption to your production connectivity.
If your configuration requires any changes to successfully connect to our OT&E environment, please consider the need to apply the same changes to your production configuration.


Scheduled Maintenance
We would like to remind you about the upcoming scheduled maintenance to the Production environment as set forth below.

Environment: Production
Date: Monday, August 31st, 2015
Maintenance Window: 19:00h - 20:30h UTC
Expected Duration: 90 minutes

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