May 2016 Release Notes

This release will not have any registrar impacting changes. The updates in this release are part of the ongoing enhancement of the registry. We would like to take this opportunity, however, to remind registrars of some important services provided by the registry, which are detailed below.

Two Factor Authentication Reminder
Registrars who have not yet enabled two-factor authentication are strongly encouraged to enable this service. This service provides Registrars with an additional layer of security for account access. As the Registrar portal gives users complete control of the Registrar’s domain portfolio, adding a second layer of protection with two-factor verification will make unauthorized access to your Registrar account much more difficult and less likely.

There are two types of web users for Registrars; Registrar Senior and Registrar User. Registrar User has more restricted user permissions. It is strongly advised that each Registrar prohibits shared web-user access. Each Registrar account should have a web user for each individual user that will be accessing the Registrar portal. Registrar Senior users are able to create web users for their Registrar account.

Registrar Senior members can enable two-factor authentication for their Registrar account through the web portal. More information can be found in Donuts July 2015 release notes.

Creating Notification Contacts Reminder
To avoid missing out on important information that Donuts sends to our registrars, you are encouraged to create the required contacts in your Production account. Notification contacts are the people in your registrar business that are responsible for specific areas of contacts, such as, administrative, billing, technical, legal, abuse and marketing.

Please log in to the Registrar portal with your administrative user account and navigate to the Registrar section and View Notification Contact subsection. In case you have not created all required contacts, please click Create Notification Contact.

You can provide the following contacts:

  • Administrative Contact
    This contact will be assigned the primary administrative privileges for your registrar account. Notifications about the availability of new TLDs are sent to this address. Threshold notifications and releases notes are also sent to this contact.
  • Billing Contact
    This person will be the first point of contact on billing issues for your company. It is very important to have a billing contact as we will send low balance notifications to this address. We email monthly financial statements to this address also (as well as providing access via the portal).
  • Technical Contact
    This is the person who would respond to technical support issues for your organization. We send release notes and system maintenance notices to this address.
  • Legal Representative
    This contact legally represents the registrar for the purpose of completing the signup process and can bind the company in the legal agreements to become an authorized registrar. Also this person will be contacted for dispute resolution cases or compliance issues.
  • Abuse Contact
    This is the person who would respond to abuse issues (e.g. spam, phishing, adware etc) for your organization. We send abuse related notices to this address.
  • Marketing Contact
    This is the person who would respond to marketing related emails for your organization. We send marketing collateral and marketing related information to this address.
These contacts can be the same person, or you can specify a different person for each role.

Scheduled Maintenance
These updates/changes will take effect during the Scheduled Maintenance as set forth below.
Environment: OT&E
Date: Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
Maintenance Window: 21:00h - 22:30h UTC
Expected Duration: 90 minutes
Environment: Production
Date: Monday, May 9th, 2016
Maintenance Window: 21:00h - 22:30h UTC
Expected Duration: 90 minutes

We anticipate the maintenance to take 90 minutes with intermittent outages of the SRS and web portals during that time. All other registry services will continue to function normally. We aim to finish at the expected time but will notify you if there is any significant delay.

Notification emails will be sent when we start and complete the maintenance on our Production environment. These notifications will be addressed to your Admin and Tech notification contacts created on your Production account.

Feel free to contact Technical Support with any questions or concerns you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind Regards,

Technical Support Team
One Clarendon Row, Dublin 2, Ireland
Germany:  0049 8007 238444
UK:  0800 0124516
USA:  001 888 683 6564
Others:  00353 1 901 2198
Fax:  00353 1 901 21999


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